Trusted Down-the-hole Drilling Rig Manufacturer

Are you wondering which kind of drilling rig and compressor are the best choices? Maybe you can find the answer in KAISHAN Group. We are the biggest air compressor and drilling equipment manufacturer in China. Our products include borehole drilling rig, water well drilling rig, industrial piston air compressor, and construction tools and parts. With more than 60 years of experience, KAISHAN Group can produce 18 categories of construction equipment, common machinery, and pneumatic tool. In total, more than 1000 kinds of products are available. 

    1. Low Pressure Crawler Drilling Rig

      The KG910B/D/E, KGH3 low pressure crawler drilling rig is the modified version of our KY100J type drilling equipment. A variety of improvements have been made to get better drilling performance.

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    1. KG940A/D, KGH6 High Pressure Crawler Drilling Rig

      Our KG940A/D, KGH6 high pressure crawler drilling rig has optimized hydraulic system, drill arm components, and carriage parts on the basis of KY140A crawler drilling machine. Specifically, The KG940A type machine has 14% higher rotation speed, and 10% larger propulsion length, making it quite a cost-effective choice.

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    1. KT15 High Pressure Integrated Drilling Rig

      With a highly integrated control system and user-friendly interface, the whole drilling machine can easily be controlled by one person.
      The automatic leveling function of the walking mechanism allows the crawler to move over bumpy or rough terrain.

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    1. KJ 311 Hydraulic Top Hammer Drilling Jumbo

      The KJ311 is a hydraulic top hammer drilling rig designed for a 12-35 m2 cross-section for use in underground mining projects.
      All service points of the hydraulic drifting jumbo are easily accessible, simplifying routine maintenance.

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    1. KW180 Multi-function Geothermal Water Well Drilling Rig (Truck Mounted Type Optional)

      KW180 multi-function geothermal water well drilling rig is a lightweight, high efficiency, multifunctional drilling rig. KW180 has the characteristics of advanced structure, easy to use, high efficiency, reliable, durable etc. It is widely used in drilling water wells, agricultural irrigation well and geothermal air conditioning whole and other usages of geothermal well hole.KW180 is particularly applicable to mountain area and rock formation water engineering.

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    1. Portable Diesel Screw Compressor

      We are also the only manufacturer who can produce the main structure of two-stage compression high pressure screw. The annual yield of this kind of screw air compressor is increasing year by year remarkably. Now our market share in China is at a significant leading position.

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    1. Stationary Electric Screw Compressor

      KAISHAN is one of the leading suppliers of stationary electric screw compressor on the Chinese market. Our electric compressors have been widely recognized by our cutomers. The product advantages have been listed below. Feel free to contact us for any questions about our air compressor.

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    1. Pneumatic Rock Drill

      Our pneumatic rock drill is forged by quality material with advanced techniques. So the product features high toughness, high anti-wear performance and great shock resistance. The CNC machine tools are adopted for the manufacturing of the pneumatic rock drill.

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    1. Spare Parts

      With nearly 60 years of production experience, we have established a mature quality control system, and gained a great deal of production technologies. Our spare parts are definitely worth your 100% trust. So if you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us at any time.

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